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Allen Pack has been producing shrink film since 1980. As a leading shrink film manufacturer, we offer various shrink materials, PVC, POF, PET and PE, to meet customer’s needs. With more than 36 years, our goal is to provide our customers with high-quality, stable and cleanliness shrink film.

To meet increasing market demand for beverages and conquer highly competitive market challenges successfully. Therefore, we have advanced the production and development of automatic sleeving machines to meet customer needs. The machines represent our latest products and provide a total solution for the shrink packaging line.

Allen Pack is one stop for shrink packaging.
Do not hesitate; it is now for you to start up the business with Allen Pack!

Zip bags, zipper bags, Stand up bags
Customized. Please offer us the bag dimension and printing artwork. Mass Production, good quality with good price.
Vacuum bags, laminated film, poly bags
Customized. Please kindly offer us the bag dimension, quantity and printing artwork. Good quality with reasonable price.
Arranging and counting sealing machine
-Easy to adjust for different sizes packaging, simple operation, and automatic control to raise production efficiency. -To pack collectively to save packing materials and labor costs -Without paper box to cushion for the bottom of commodities which are being packed.  -To breakthrough traditional operating procedures, it asopts of electrical system  to increase output capacity. Can be used with computer operation or by PLC program controller connect with production line.  -Packing

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